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Relaxation Massage & Body Scrub

Show appreciation for your skin with this luxurious 90mins or 120mins massage and body scrubs. Light touches from massages relax the body, and the scrubs take care of the skin. This exfoliant mixture encourages the natural shedding of dead skin cells, nourishes the skin, and promotes rejuvenation.

After the Swedish massage, therapists lightly rub the exfoliants onto the back, legs, and arms. Spa robes, towels are set out in the room for clients taking a shower afterward. The scrubs cleanse and unlock skin pores so that the skin can effectively soak in the moisturizer. This service leaves the body feeling stress free and the skin looking healthier and younger.


Relaxation massage & scrub
90mins  $109       


Relaxation massage & scrub
120mins $149       

                       Body Salt Glow

        (Full body exfoliation utilizing sea salt and aromatic oils)


                                       60mins $80         

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